Sunday, October 4, 2015

Muscle Beach traveling rings. Travel to Santa Monica, CA.

I spent a few years of my youth in Santa Monica, CA.  I remember my older siblings being quite proficient in doing the traveling rings. Today, they call the area south of the pier muscle beach. I'm not sure it had that moniker in the 70's.

Going there recently, I was impressed with the renovations to the beach toys, gym equipment and restroom facilities between the pier and the old Synanon building at Pico Boulevard. Today that building is called Casa Del Mar hotel, and it's a great place for dinner and drinks with an ocean view. 

Back in the day, we were told to avoid getting too close to the building or we might get kidnapped into a commune and have all our hair shaved off. 

We lived in Hotel Monica, the big blue box by the sea. Today it is painted yellow, and the replacement structure is called the Sea Castle. It was here that I made my pilgrimage to enjoy the beach at sunset. And here, a new generation of ring enthusiasts ply their skills at the New Muscle Beach. 

So with that introduction, I'd like to share this video of one of the more artistic rings gymnasts. Please enjoy. 

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Leroy Phoenix 

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