Saturday, October 29, 2016

Aerial Drone Santa Fe Sunrise, Loretto Chapel, Georgia O'Keefe and Mountain Trails Gallery

So this is my aerial drone Santa Fe sunrise video.  It has taken awhile to compile my footage because I needed to empty myself creatively in order to put together a good story.

The fun part of drone photography is learning how to use your drone.  But with great power comes great responsibility.  I had just begun studying for the FAA part 107 UAS Pilot's certificate when I made my way through the western USA.  The challenge is that there are certain safety rules to follow.  And with that, certain places where you can and cannot fly.

As I was still new to the study, I was fortunate that nearly every place I flew was in a free fly zone.  Given how touristy Santa Fe can be, I knew I needed to fly early, otherwise, I would not be able to get any footage.  You cannot fly over people unless they are specifically a part of the video shoot.

So getting up before sunrise, I picked the plaza to just fly around and see what the lighting would give me.  I had already taken some hand held photography the day before, so I did not think I needed a lot of footage. But then I met Bob.

Bob saw me setting up from his hotel nearby, and could not help but come down and check out my proceedings.  The challenge is that you really need to concentrate on filming and flying....not talking to your adoring fans.  So even though I got some decent footage, it was more an exercise in getting airborne and just flying around.  I did not get a chance to get very creative with my filming.

Still, I am pleased with the outcome.  Here is my best effort for Sunrise in Santa Fe.  Enjoy.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Aerial Drone Footage of Paisley Park & First Avenue - Prince Memorial Video

Wow!  What an amazing season.  I have done so much traveling in the past few weeks, I have not had a chance to focus on my blog.  Well, I hope to make up for it in the next three months.  First, I have to say, drone photography has been a real education.

The FAA decided to allow small drone operators to secure a certificate as a Unmanned Small Drone Pilot.  It's called the Part 107 certificate.  I decided to concentrate on that and passed the exam on September 12.  Yep, I am a to speak.

In that time, I took to the world of SEO and began promoting one of my YouTube videos.  The trip to the family reunion in Minneapolis in August yielded my first attempts to fly my drone.  On the drive across the USA, I did much more flying and took the time to create and upload a couple of videos.  I was able to upload my aerial drone footage of the 2016 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally onto YouTube just before the rally ended, and got over 3500 hits right away.  As if this writing, I am up to 5000 hits.

But once I realized that a targeted video could get so many hits, I decided to cull my Minneapolis footage into a tribute to Prince.  He passed away in April of 2016.  Although I began working on the video in August, I thought it might still speak to people.  I uploaded it in late August, 2016.

Once complete, I uploaded it and an amazing thing happened.  Two days after I uploaded the Prince Memorial video onto YouTube, the estate announced that his home, Paisley Park, would be open to fans for tours in October 2016.   I was excited.  That gave me 5-6 weeks to do as much SEO as I could.  My hope was to have my video work it's way up the Google chain until it would be a highly placed reference once people started searching for information on Paisley Park.

It worked.  The tours took place last week, and my video has had over 13,500 hits and is still climbing.  I am very happy with the results of the video, and keep getting nice comments.  Here is the link.  I hope you enjoy it as well.

Aerial Drone Footage of Paisley Park and First Avenue - Prince Memorial Video: