Monday, November 14, 2016

Worlds Tallest Thermometer - Baker, CA Aerial

I started my blog as a travel America blog.  I later discovered drone photography, and that has been a bunch of fun.  But my original focus was to promote places to see in America.  Some, less known than others.  In this case, I write about something that has been seen by hundreds of thousands every month, but probably has not even been noticed.

An iconic landmark in Death Valley, California is the Worlds Tallest Thermometer (WTT).  Perhaps you may have called it the Baker Thermometer or the Bun Boy Thermometer.  If you've ever travelled along Highway 15 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, you cannot miss it.  Baker is a regular bathroom break before heading over Mountain Pass at the California/Nevada boarder.  

But I took time to get to know the Thermometer better after seeing an episode of Strange Inheritance on the Fox Business Channel.  And the story of the Thermometer is worth the visit alone.  Originally built by Willis Herron in 1991 next door to his Bun Boy Restaurant, the WTT fell down, was re-errected, lost bulbs to high winds, and was finally reinforced before changing owners.  

Ownership changed hands again before the Bun Boy finally closed and the WTT went dark.   In 2014, the Herron family recovered the gift shop and WTT.  Relighting took place on July 10, 2014 on the 101st anniversary of the hottest day recorded in Death Valley, 134 degrees. (57 degrees Celsius)

Check out this video to see the significance of the name of the Gift Shop and height of the tower.  Watch as the tower records a pretty hot day in Death Valley.

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